”Bitwise has brought high-level professionals to the project, who work together in an excellent manner. Bitwise's technical expertise in particular has impressed us. Cooperation with the team is easy and fun, because Bitwisers are flexible and they have an excellent attitude towards work.”

Markus Nilsson


Finnish Transport Agency

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"You can rely on Bitwise! We have acquired various software expertise from Bitwise for over a decade and we have always been able to rely on Bitwise's expertise, working methods and morals. Bitwise handles matters quickly, accurately and in style."

Mikko Kilkki

SW Team Manager

Environics Oy

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”The expertise and technical abilities of Bitwise's operators has been impressive and we have learnt a lot from them. They have adopted the customer's technical environment well and they have been able to help our business with innovative solutions. In addition, Bitwise has proven its skills in managing larger ensembles and thus, they have been able to ensure business objectives. Due to their technical expertise, Bitwise has also had a significant role in the development of Kemppi's internal processes”

Mikko Mönkkönen

Program Manager

Kemppi Oy

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”A reliable long-term partner: Bitwise has carried out good work by professionally implementing high-quality ensembles for our systems. The work results have been excellent and cooperation has been extremely smooth!”

Tommi Pettersson

VP Automation

Kalmar / Cargotec Finland Oy

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"Adara has been selected experts as co-partners for operations that are not Adara's core expertise. The starting point for choosing co-partners is that they are top experts in their field, such as Bitwise. We have not regretted our choice at any stage.

The cooperation has allowed Adara's ICT environment and usability & interference levels of systems to improve. The solutions presented by Bitwise have made our business operations more efficient and have allowed us to eliminate manual work stages. In this way, our processes have become mainstream and errors have reduced. The solutions have also enabled 24/7 services. "

Tiia Tuominen

Packaging Unit Director

Adara Pakkaus Oy

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”We have cooperated with Bitwise for 10 years already, and we still don't have the need to change to a different software supplier. Why not? Agco annually distributes tens of thousands of motors. We have to be 100% sure that technicians do not have to be sent to e.g. the rainforests of Brazil due to software errors. When Bitwise develops an ECU software, we can rely on its quality.”

Kari Aaltonen

Director Engineering

Agco Power Inc.

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”Bitwise has always carried out projects in a reliable manner and with professional pride. The team has occasionally carried out the impossible, whether it was to do with schedules or the development of technical solutions.

In practice, the flexibility and good design of the platform solution developed by Bitwise have allowed the development of a modern inverter product gamily - it is easy for us to add functionality on to it to meet each customer's requirements.”

Kimmo Rauma


Visedo Oy

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"Cooperation has been very warm and humane - despite the coding. I would happily recommend Bitwise to anyone planning a software project."

Aki Hautamäki

Sales Manager

Tappara / Tamhockey Oy

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