Adara Pakkaus Oy offers all solutions related to packaging, from design and materials to packaging automation and logistics. Adara serves customers in Finland as well as in other Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Bitwise has implemented the following for Adara:

  • a B2B ecommerce store
  • an operation control system for controlling packaging operations
  • a telecommunications solution between companies’ various operation control systems
  • data collection and reporting services
  • outsourcing of IT services to Bitwise

"Adara has been selected experts as co-partners for operations that are not Adara's core expertise. The starting point for choosing co-partners is that they are top experts in their field, such as Bitwise. We have not regretted our choice at any stage.

The cooperation has allowed Adara's ICT environment and usability & interference levels of systems to improve. The solutions presented by Bitwise have made our business operations more efficient and have allowed us to eliminate manual work stages. In this way, our processes have become mainstream and errors have reduced. The solutions have also enabled 24/7 services. "

Tiia Tuominen

Packaging Unit Director

Adara Pakkaus Oy