Become a bitwiser?

Our doors are always open to new skilled professionals, who share our passion in coding. If you can’t find the perfect fit in the open vacancies, simply bravely approach us. What skills would you bring to the table?

We work with diverse software projects, and our company also has its own product, Wisehockey. Here in Viinikka, in Tampere, we have a company full of skilled people, who are ready to tackle customers’ challenges and develop new things. As individuals, together.

Maintaining a unique business culture is close to our heart. We want to hold on to our employees, so the majority of the customer projects are implemented from the home nest. In this way, you always have colleagues around you to ask for support. Every employee is important to us.

Above all, Bitwisers have the same genuine, positive attitude in common. A wise person once said that you learn by doing, and that is true. In addition to learning in projects, we encourage to participate in the company’s internal training and to utilise your annual training funds.

Our low organisation structure allows each individual to influence their surroundings. With us, there is no need to waste time on bureaucracy. We recommend using any freed up hours in a more useful way, such as at the company’s own gym.

For now, our working language is Finnish, so we require that you have fluent Finnish language skills.


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“A good attitude replaces many possible shortcomings.”


Chief Engineer

“It’s rewarding to make your mark.”


Design Engineer

“Someone is always doing and researching something new, and the whole team learns at the same time.”


Design Engineer

Bitwise Bootcamp

Bitwise Bootcamp is a summer work period intended from programming students, with a suitable ratio of work and experiences. With us, you can participate in customer projects at the guidance of experienced Bitwisers.

The official Bootcamp period takes place from June to August, after which we hope you will continue with us. If you wish, you can start working already during the spring alongside your studies.

For now, our working language is Finnish, so we require that you have fluent Finnish language skills.

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