Software development

We shall develop a solution for you that works perfectly. No matter what the industry is or how demanding the project is, we can promise you peace of mind: code won't be an issue.

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Consultation and training

Utilise our strong expertise at any stage of your software project. Our experts shall complete even the most demanding projects in a reliable and efficient manner.

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Our customers have utilised our expertise in several product projects over the years. We have strong expertise from perfecting ideas to finalising an end product.

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"Cooperation has been very warm and humane - despite the coding. I would happily recommend Bitwise to anyone planning a software project."

Aki Hautamäki

Sales Manager

Tappara / Tamhockey Oy

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Cloud services

Transfer your service to the cloud in a secure and reliable manner. We'll define and develop the cloud services with consideration to your future needs.

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Analytics and location

Harness automatic and real-time data for the support of your business operations. Smart location and optimisation solutions are our expertise.

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