Finnish League Liiga and Wisehockey signed a five-year contract renewal on the Wisehockey hockey analytics platform. After the 2018–2019 pilot season, Wisehockey will expand to all Liiga arenas in Finland. From the beginning of the 2019–2020 season, Wisehockey’s real‑time puck and player tracking technology will be part of all Liiga matches. Finnish League will be the world’s first digitalized hockey league.

Wisehockey hockey analytics platform developed by the Finnish software company Bitwise will be installed in every Liiga arena in Finland. From next season onwards, every Liiga match will feature Wisehockey tracking and analytics system. The teams will be able to use Wisehockey data in coaching both during and after matches.

Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen is sure that the contract between Wisehockey and Liiga will raise international attention: “Digitalization of Liiga is a unique achievement, and its value will be recognized on the international market. In Finland we have accomplished something that even the world’s biggest hockey leagues have not been able to do.” Mikkonen adds that the contract makes other kinds of collaboration possible: “During the last season, the real‑time data we gathered was used in completely new ways not just on arenas but also in television and betting services. Together with Liiga we are looking for more innovative collaboration and new partnerships.”

The digitalization of Liiga makes it possible to access and showcase Wisehockey analytics and visual elements during hockey matches on TV broadcasts, arenas and even at home.

YouTube: Wisehockey in short