Who? Pauli – Chief Engineer, M. Sc. Technology from the 20th century from Hervanta. Has studied electronics and software production, in his work had mainly orientated towards merged systems.

Shareholder and employee

The technical professional of the company, Pauli, became Bitwise’s employee and shareholder in 2005: “I have a history with the owners, i.e. with Tomi, Hessu, Vesa and Juha. I was familiar with the mens’ style, skills and attitude towards work. With this encouragement, I had the courage to apply as a shareholder for the recently founded Bitwise. For some reason, they took me on board.”

Despite his share ownership, Pauli’s day are mainly the everyday life of a software designer. In addition to active projects, the man holds on to his “old sins”, in other words he is responsible for maintenance here and there. ”My current role primarily as a software designer is definitely most pleasant to me, because I have been intrigued by programming since the 1980s. As a work environment, Bitwise is excellent due to both the settings and the expert support available from colleagues. The development of the company is obviously also part of everyday life and is kept in mind, although daily leadership is mostly Tomi’s (CEO) responsibility”, Pauli says.

Attitude is everything, floors can be wiped with titles

Bitwise is a company, where the shareholders are involved in everyday life. Ownership does not raise anyone on to a pedestal, but instead work is completed in the way work should be completed. ”I have always taken work seriously. In that sense, my view isn’t much different to before – work must be carried out in a manner that there is no need to be ashamed of it”, Pauli says as he summarises his attitude towards work.

Pauli appreciates a similar approach in his colleagues: ”A good attitude replaces many possible shortcomings, such as the lack of skills or experience in a certain subarea. The fact that things are completed properly is a justification for our existence as both professionals and as a company.” Bitwise’s legendary business granny successor, Mother Sun, is also praised: “Henriikka takes particularly good care of us coders.”

Pauli Aho Bitwise

Being and remaining as a software industry expert has required Pauli to have a self-driven approach in addition to an attitude. “The speed of change seems to be faster than ever before during my career. I have aimed to develop my own skills as comprehensively as possible by reading literature and, where possible, completing various types of projects. The basic matters and principles however remain the same. When they have been adopted sufficiently well, learning new technologies is relatively painless”, he says.

The development of Bitwise’s expertise is critical in terms of business operations, because above all, we are known for our extremely high-level operators. “Every professional is primarily responsible for maintaining his/her own professional expertise, bu the company must do its share to support this”, Pauli sums up. Each Bitwise has access to annual training funs, extremely skilled colleagues, diverse internal training and a comprehensive library. The rest is up to yourself.