The Finnish Transport Agency is an expert organisation operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which is responsible for Finland’s roads, railways and waterways and the development of the transport system. The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for Finland’s high-quality transport infrastructure, which allows transport services, robotisation and the utilisation of digitalisation.

At the end of 2013, the Finnish Transport Agency initiated the T-LOIK project, which aim is to implement an integrated user interface for road traffic control. The significant project that is to be implemented in a multi-supplier environment over several years, has been divided in to several smaller ensembles, which can be implemented in an agile manner. The system facilitates the work of traffic operators by bringing the functions of an entire control room to one workstation in a centralised manner. Due to the automation provided by the system, the operators can focus on essential matters concerning the control and monitoring of traffic, which makes the operations of traffic centres significantly more effective.

In the project, Bitwise is implementing the following:

  • an on-call tool for processing alerts and for managing the work list
  • a camera tool for perceiving TTI with the help of camera photos
  • a control recommendation calculation, which reacts to changes in road and weather conditions
  • functions and integration services required by a multi-supplier environment
  • integration with a phone system
  • memos for data transfer between operators and traffic centres
  • creation and processing of disruption notices.

”Bitwise has brought high-level professionals to the project, who work together in an excellent manner. Bitwise's technical expertise in particular has impressed us. Cooperation with the team is easy and fun, because Bitwisers are flexible and they have an excellent attitude towards work.”

Markus Nilsson


Finnish Transport Agency