Tappara is a well-known and traditional success team, which was corporatised in to Tamhockey Oy in 1999. Tappara, which was established in 1955, has achieved 17 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 11 bronze medals – including TBK. Tappara’s axe coat of arms is Finland’s most long-term and most well-known sports logos. Tappara’s operations meet the spirit of the axe coat of arms with their strong professionalism and passion. Tappara offers top class sports entertainment and experiences, as well as achieves strong visibility with its positive and active image.

The smart hockey system produces real-time data about the player and the puck to the ice hockey viewer’s mobile device. The application shows the distance skated by the players, their time on ice and their maximum speed, as well as the puck’s maximum speed and the distance it has travelled on a match and round basis. This data can be used to provide player and team data in an extremely accurate manner. In the future, the smart hockey system will also offer coaching data, which so far has not been possible. The opportunities for the data stored in the system are almost limitless and new statistics are constantly developed.

The ensemble is completely based on Finnish technology. Location technology developed by the Finnish company Quuppa Oy is used in the smart hockey system.

The smart hockey system which has been installed at Hakametsä rink is a complete product, which can be introduced at any league ice rink.

"Cooperation has been very warm and humane - despite the coding. I would happily recommend Bitwise to anyone planning a software project."

Aki Hautamäki

Sales Manager

Tappara / Tamhockey Oy