Kemppi is a globally leading manufacturer of arc welding equipment and solution supplier of productive welding. Kemppi operates as a pioneer in both welding equipment technology and as a developer of productive welding solutions, and invests in continuous research and product development.

Bitwise has implemented the following for Kemppi:

  • an analysis and visualisation application of welding data
  • a control tool for welding parameters
  • a merged software of hand-held data collection devices
  • a mobile application for responsive tablets and mobile phones for configuring welding equipment
  • software for a validation tool of welding equipment for PCs and hand-held devices
  • a web-based configuration application for a robot welding system
  • a browser-based drawing tool for drawing joint drawings and welding sequence images

”The expertise and technical abilities of Bitwise's operators has been impressive and we have learnt a lot from them. They have adopted the customer's technical environment well and they have been able to help our business with innovative solutions. In addition, Bitwise has proven its skills in managing larger ensembles and thus, they have been able to ensure business objectives. Due to their technical expertise, Bitwise has also had a significant role in the development of Kemppi's internal processes”

Mikko Mönkkönen

Program Manager

Kemppi Oy