AGCO Power is part of AGCO Corporation, which is a globally leading manufacture of heavy duty diesel motors. More than 30,000 motors are annually manufactured on its production line, of which 25,000 are electronically controlled.

Bitwise has implemented the following for AGCO Power:
  • an ECU, i.e. an electric control unit, for four generations of diesel motors
  • a development tool for motor engineers to adjust the functions of the ECU
  • a diagnosis tool for vehicle manufacturers and technicians
  • a tool for motor production and trial uses

”We have cooperated with Bitwise for 10 years already, and we still don't have the need to change to a different software supplier. Why not? Agco annually distributes tens of thousands of motors. We have to be 100% sure that technicians do not have to be sent to e.g. the rainforests of Brazil due to software errors. When Bitwise develops an ECU software, we can rely on its quality.”

Kari Aaltonen

Director Engineering

Agco Power Inc.