Visedo Oy develops and manufactures electric and hybrid powertrain systems, where the technology used combines the drive of fuel and electricity in to a hybrid solution, which consumes less fuel, reduces emissions, lowers the level of noise and only occasionally requires maintenance.

Visedo develops and manufactures the power electronics equipment, electric motors, generators and energy stocks itself for demanding environments, which require the ability to withstand weather conditions and mechanical durability. The low-consuming and maintenance-reliable electric systems are suitable for e.g. container cranes, building and mining machinery, forestry machines, buses and ships.

Bitwise has implemented the following for Visedo:

  • a real-time software platform solution for the implementation of various parts of a hybrid powertrain system
  • a simulator to be run in a PC environment for the development of powertrain systems’ control algorithms

”Bitwise has always carried out projects in a reliable manner and with professional pride. The team has occasionally carried out the impossible, whether it was to do with schedules or the development of technical solutions.

In practice, the flexibility and good design of the platform solution developed by Bitwise have allowed the development of a modern inverter product gamily - it is easy for us to add functionality on to it to meet each customer's requirements.”

Kimmo Rauma


Visedo Oy