Software development

24/7. In simple terms, that’s what you get when you outsource your software project to us. We are familiar with the most recent technologies, and we are also well known as reformers of traditional legacy solutions. The more challenging the environment is for which you need a system, the more attractive we find the challenge. We shall develop a solution for you that works perfectly and which allows your business operations to grown and develop.

No matter what the industry is or how demanding the project is, we can promise you peace of mind: code won’t be an issue.

Analytics and location

Harness data for the support of your business operations. The real-time utilisation of large amounts of data requires the most recent machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Automatic, real-time and visual analytics allow both prediction and management with the use of data. We have tailored solutions for our customers for both industrial and various portable devices’ needs. Demanding internal location solutions are our expertise in particular.

Since we enjoy ultimate challenges, we were the first in the world to develop a real-time hockey analytics system Wisehockey. Our product is not just analytics, but an entire service layer for TV broadcasting, gambling, coaches, game operators and, of course, fans.

Consultation and training

Our expertise is available to you even when your own staff or a third party is responsible for the actual implementation of your project. Whether your project is being planned, being implemented, or is ready for the end result to be reviewed – we’ll fit in naturally. Our consultation service covers, for example, pre-surveys, evaluations, definitions, architectural design, audits, troubleshooting and the optimisation of performance.

The project is not successful until its been utilised in real life. We always customise the documentation and training so that the best serve the individual needs and learning objectives of your organisation.

Cloud services

Do you wish to transfer your service safely to the cloud? This can be achieved successfully, without unnecessary drawbacks, with our help. We’ll define and develop the cloud services with consideration to your future needs, in a secure and reliable manner. We help find the most functional solution combined with machine learning, analytics and AI. Various location and optimisation solutions are our expertise.

We can also maintain your cloud service. AWS’s, Azure’s as well as Google Cloud’s tools are all familiar to us. Our solutions provide both immediate savings and new business opportunities – in the future, you can focus solely on the essential.


Our customers have utilised our expertise in several product projects over the years. The professional productisation, testing and documentation of software is part of our everyday life. The journey from an excellent idea to a scalable end result requires the overall vision and comprehensive expertise of the different stages of productisation. Our experts shall support you during every step of a successful product project.

In addition to customer project, we also have experience in developing our own product. We have implemented the world’s first real-time and automatic sports analytics system, Wisehockey. The challenge was suitable for us: where others had failed, we implemented an entirely new type of product, which took the whole sport to the digital era. .