Sandvik Group

Sandvik Group is an international high-technology industrial group, which has advance-developed products for improving customers’ productability, safety and profitability. Sandvik is a market leader in selected niche industries. These include tools used in metal processing, equipment and tools of mining and contract technologies, stainless materials, special metal compounds, metal and ceramic durable materials and process systems. In 2015, the group employed 45,000 people, and it had employees and operations in more than 150 countries. Its turnover was approximately 86 billion Swedish crowns. Sandvik has operations in Finland – in Tampere, Turku, Lahti, Hollola and Vantaa. At the end of 2014, Sandvik employed 1,700 people in Finland. Approximately 950 people work in Tampere and approximately 470 people in Turku. More than 95% of production is for export.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

The Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology business area, which is part of the Sandvik Group, is a globally leading producer of mining and contract industry’s quarry and drilling equipment, drill machinery and related services. Applications include drilling above and below ground, mechanical rock detaching, crushing and filtering, loading and transportation, rock construction, quarry operations, as well as crushing and fragmenting. In 2015, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology had 15,000 employees and its turnover was 33 billion Swedish crowns.

Bitwise has implemented the following for the Sandvik Mining and Rock Technologies business unit:

  • a merged software platform for the machine control systems of large mining machinery
  • merged software for e.g. I/O modules, sensors, CAN loggers and control units
  • application projects for excavation and tunnel drilling devices and their testing equipment
  • a software platform for the simulation of a control system for large mining machinery
  • software for collecting data in the field in to reports in the cloud
  • a software and user interface platform for integrated, touch-screen Linux computers for the system management of large mining machinery
  • adapting software generated from Simulink to the machine control system
  • software for the distribution of mining machinery software packages to retailers and technicians

”I have been extremely satisfied in the cooperation carried out with Bitwise. I particularly like that Bitwise has employed high-level professions, who can quickly implement high-quality results. Bitwise also stands out with its attitude: operations are extremely flexible, and solutions are sought together with the customer, with the customer's interests in mind.”

Ville Svensberg

Product Development Manager

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technologies